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Security and locks go hand in hand. Even before one thinks of enhancing the security of one’s property through modern electronic devices, the first thing that comes to their mind is locks and keys. We have been using them to secure our homes, cars, warehouses, and other priced possession for centuries, and it should be our top priority to keep them in prime condition. But how do you do that in Maryland? It’s very simple, just pick up the phone and call Baltimore Locksmith Store. We are the leading locksmith in Baltimore MD having served in the area for decades with best-in-class and on-time services. Our team of professionally-trained locksmiths work with utmost precision no matter how small or big the task is, making us the best locksmith in Eastern Eve Baltimore.  While most firms promise similar services at a premium, they are no match for Baltimore Locksmith Store. We have made our mark in the community as the most reliable residential, commercial and auto locksmith in Baltimore. Due to our implacable service record, you will only hear the best about us from all the homeowners and businesses in Maryland.

Give us a call on 410-246-6587 and we’ll be at your service in no time.

WHY Baltimore Locksmith Store?

We are the best lock and locksmith in Baltimore MD. Over the years, by providing exemplary services we have built a reputation in and around Baltimore that is unrivalled and unheard of. Our customers don’t stop talking about our services and more than half of our service requests are from references of satisfied customers.

Our locksmiths are adept at handling all types of requests be it emergency services, residential, automotive, commercial, etc. We provide all services under one roof 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so that our customers have the smoothest possible experience even in the case of an emergency.

HOW WE STARTED OUT?                                                                                            

Baltimore Locksmith Store came into existence after we realized that there wasn’t a cheap locksmith in Eastern Ave Baltimore.  All existing services were promising a lot but when it came to delivering on those promises, they faltered. That is why it was easy for us to establish ourselves as the leading residential, commercial and auto locksmith in Baltimore because we already knew what the community needed and from the very beginning we provided just that - quality, affordable prices and on-time service.


24/7 Emergency locksmith services

Finding an emergency service that caters to locks and keys can be a challenge in Baltimore, but not with us around. We have locksmiths on standby 24/7. Whenever you get locked out of your house or break your key in the ignition of your car at any time of the day, we are just a call away. Next time when you are in a sticky situation involving locks and keys, just call us on 410-246-6587 and we’ll send our team right away.

Automotive locksmith services

Locking your key inside the car or jamming the lock of your trunk may seem like an uncommon occurrence but when it does happen most of us don’t know what to do. Almost no one carries a spare key with them and getting one from home may become an altogether different challenge. This is where we step in. Our team of mobile locksmiths are on the road 24/7 and can reach you anywhere in Baltimore within an hour. Be it key cutting, car lockout assistance or transponder key programming, as your trusted auto locksmith in Baltimore, we do it all!

Residential locksmith services

Not many of us realize that the locks and keys at our home go through normal wear & tear over the years. A lock that may look sturdy and in perfect condition from outside may have worn out from the inside. You may not realize that this is a problem until you are locked out of your home after a long day of work. This is when you call Baltimore Locksmith Store. Not only will we open the door to your home in an instant but we will do it with such precision that your lock is not damaged at all. Along with that our team will also provide you tips to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again.

Commercial locksmith services

A business takes years of effort and hard work to grow. For business owners protecting their property is of prime importance because a small lapse in security can lead to huge damages which a business may not be able to sustain. That is why Baltimore Locksmith Store provides exhaustive range of commercial locksmith services to ensure that business owners in the state of Maryland sleep peacefully knowing their prized possessions are always safe.


We work in a variety of ways depending on the requirement of our client. Ranging from emergency services to routine inspections of properties, our expert professionals are equipped with best in class equipment always ready to take on the next challenge.


While finding a locksmith in the case of an emergency, you may encounter hundreds of listings in and around Baltimore. Why should you choose Baltimore Locksmith Store? First of all, our team of professionals can take care of any and all of your lock & key related concerns. We take the least possible time to understand the issue and even less time to solve it. After receiving our services, you would never be not satisfied because we are always committed towards making our customers feel like a king.

Assured Cheapest Prices

Most of our clients call us in the case of emergencies, however, unlike our competitors, we don’t believe in duping our customers in the name of emergencies. We believe in establishing long term relationships with our clients and don’t charge them a surcharge when they call us at odd hours. For regular services as well, our prices are unmatched and best in the state of Maryland.

Our Team

Finding a team of professionals who share the same vision of faultless customer service is not easy. However, Baltimore Locksmith Store considers itself quite lucky to have on board with us some of the most professional experts in the industry who share the common goal of maximum customer satisfaction. Our locksmiths in Baltimore MD have years of experience and can handle any kind of locks and keys. Moreover, we keep them up to date with latest advancements in the industry by conducting monthly workshops, so that even if they encounter a new lock type when they are in the field, they are always prepared.

Fastest On The Block

When we claim that we are the fastest in the case of an emergency, we back that statement with evidence. We have tons of testimonials from first time customers who were stuck in an emergency and who called us not expecting much in terms of urgency, surprised by our super quick response. Not only that, our old customers choose us repeatedly because of how fast and precise we are in dealing with emergency situations. We have multiple mobile vans always on the road ready to leave at a moment’s notice anywhere in Baltimore and around. This gives us the flexibility to cover every nook and cranny in the quickest possible time.


Reaching out to us is easy. We are available 24/7 and 365 days of the year. Simply pick up the phone and call on 410-246-6587 and our reliable locksmith service will reach out to you anywhere in Maryland. 

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